Strategy and RPG Games for Your Phone and PC

Welcome to Lords of legend role-playing game site. Battles have been the favorite theme among the action lovers. Although battles are formidable in real life, at least there is one sphere of life where the battle can be fun and no killing is required, at least not in real life. Yes, we are talking about the Lords of legends battle arena game which is a multiplayer rpg game. This game provides you a chance to become a hero, a war hero to be more specific, in your virtual life.

What is Lords of Legends and Where Can you Play it?

When it comes to the genre of battle games, Lords of Legends beats them all. Critics call this game a bit of an old school. However, this game has risen to fame as many games wouldn’t have imagined. The theme of war and battle can be quite clichéd but lords of legends have surpassed all of it and made its own name in the field of battle games. It has many clans like elves, humans, angels, dwarfs, orcs, dark elves and many more to it, which form the battalions and fight the battle of right and wrong against each other. You as a player may join any of the soldiers and fight for them. This game gives ample choice to choose. This game can be played in any online casino as most of them offer it as a slot game.

The Popularity of Strategy and RPG Games

These games are very popular because they offer deep strategies and coordination to win and also you have the freedom to explore a fantasy world and be whoever character you like to play in them. The online casinos have very recently started to offer rpg and strategy inspired slots along with the number of casino games that they already offer. The slot games, as well as the casino games, can be tried out for free as there is no charge incorporated in signing up with the online casinos. Plus you can win real money by playing them. But the best part still remains the casino bonus. The casino bonus is a one-time welcome bonus or a no deposit bonus that the online mobile casinos offer you as a promotion. Utilizing this bonus is a great way to save and earn real money.

Building Strategy Games are Good for Your Brain

There is multiple research-based evidence that shows that strategic video games are actually food for your brain. It helps build the neurons and develop the strategy building techniques of the gamers. It helps improve the decision making powers and enhance brain processing and signaling systems. For a very long time, it was believed that video games actually damage one’s brain. But an elaborate study by the University College London and Queen Mary has proved it to be a myth and stated Strategic gaming as a healthy hobby. especially healthy for one’s brain functioning as a multitasker.

Similar Games to Lords of Legends for your Phone

There are many games similar to that of the Lords of Legends. The best of which are:

  1. Age of Empires: Castle siege: it is the war of saving your own civilization.
  2. Boom Beach: where you try building your base on the beach and your opposition storms it.
  3. Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US: with above 50 millions installations, this game gives you a chance to build a village and defend it
  4. Dawn of Titans – Epic War: this game has advanced graphics that will give you a feel of greatness
  5. Jungle Heat: War of Clans: like any other empire building game, this game allows you to build a base and defend it.
  6. Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires: you train your armies and teach them to fight against the opponents
  7. Siegefall: normally like all the empire building games, you get to train your army
  8. Star Wars™: Commander: here you get to fight against the aliens.

Get Lost in Fantasy World in Our List of Best RPG Games

The best RPG games are as follows:

  1. The Witcher 3
  2. Elder Scrolls 5
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn
  4. Legend of Zelda
  5. Bloodborne
  6. Elder Scrolls 4
  7. Fallout 4
  8. Fallout: New Vegas
  9. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  10. Mass Effect 2
  11. Borderlands 2
  12. Dark Souls 3

This is not to call it ends but there are many more in the league.

Get Lost in Fantasy World in Our List of Best RPG Games

There are many games for you to play no matter what are your preferences. Play with great graphics on PC or awesome small games on your phone. Improve your cognitive abilities and even win money with strategy slots in online casinos.