Other Moba Fantasy Games to Play

We explain the MOBA Fantasy Games to Play

Before Fortnite and Apex Legends, another game ruled Twitch for 6 years: League of Legend. This game is one of the most played in the world, with 67 million active players per month all servers combined. League of Legend is a MOBA, the flagship game genre of e-sport.

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2007 hours, or 84 days. It’s the minimum play time of your faithful servant on League of Legend. But not everyone knows how the MOBAs work. Suddenly, Blackout The Mag to explain to you.

MOBA is an acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. If translated, it means a multiplayer online battle arena.

To put it simply, there are two teams. You’re a member of one of them. You and your team are sent to an arena. A battlefield divided in two.

Your goal is to succeed in destroying the” Nexus ” of the opposing team. The Nexus, the main objective, can take different forms depending on the game: a crystal, a “boss” or a building. The winning team is the one that destroys the opposing Nexus first.

It is, therefore, necessary to penetrate the base of the opponent to destroy him while protecting his own.

Nothing complicated so far, except that to reach this famous “Nexus” is another story. This one is confined to the bottom of the enemy base, itself protected by turrets that shoot you without warning as soon as you enter their field of view.

The MOBA genre is a derivative of strategy games

To play a game of MOBA, you must first select a character, among which you will find a mix of archers, magicians, and many others, always in a very “Fantasy” universe.

Understanding a MOBA can be a real puzzle, there are many technical terms, often English

Lane Phase

This is the beginning of the game; we also call it the early game. That’s where all the bases of your game lie. This time of play is often a harbinger of how the next game will unfold. If all goes well, you will surely win, if it goes badly, the game looks more complicated. During this phase of the game, you will mainly farm.

Don’t you know what farmer means? That’s good. :

The Farm

In addition to the 10 characters manipulated by Real players, creeps come to support you in your fierce fight for victory. These are not very strong, but they do their best. They’re here to be killed because they’re worth money, and you’re going need that money.

The stuff

This is your equipment, one of the most important parts of the MOBA. After “genocide” a large number of creeps, you will have to buy objects to make your character stronger. Find out before you buy the stuff, any mistakes will be fatal, and your teammates will not fail to point this out to you.

A team might

Just a team fight. The team fight is a close-to-home battle. During the game, the two teams will cross over many times, they observe each other, watch each other, then suddenly one of the two formations launches the hostilities, and the fight begins. A bit like two packs of wolves fighting for prey, there are not many possible outcomes: victory or death (running tail between legs is also possible). It’s the team fights that make all the salt of the MOBA.


Literally “good game, well played” or “good game, well played” in the language of Guillaume Musso. This is what is said at the end of a party, whether you have won or lost! It’s the equivalent of handshaking in sports.

There are still a lot of technical terms for MOBAs, but we’re not going to go into details here, you already have the basics. You might as well turn to someone who already plays in your circle, no doubt he’ll be happy to explain everything in detail.