Best Fantasy RPG Games Ever Made

The RPG genre is one of the most popular with players. Each year, a series of games appear and yet, few, if any, manage to register as an essential title. However, in several decades of existence, the RPG has been able to see several classics, timeless games that, even after years, continue to impress people. The Ranker site decided to involve its community and voted its readers, intending to put together the list of the best RPG of all time.

In total, more than 21 000 votes were counted. Do you agree with this ranking? Do not hesitate to answer us via the survey below, as well as to communicate us the titles you would like to see appear in this top via the comments section.

The secret of Mana (1993)

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn (2000)

Red/Blue Pokémon (1996))

Diablo II (2000)

Final Fantasy VIII (1999)

Kingdom Hearts (2002)

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (2002)

Final Fantasy IX (2000)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)

Mass Effect (2007)

Dragon Age: Origins (2009)

After having fascinated the players via Baldur’s Gate and later Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Bioware plunges his protégés into a world full of magic and dragons. Critics and the general public were immediately won over. And for a good reason, dragons seduce no matter what.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006)

We’re off to the fourth part of the famous Bethesda Elder Scrolls saga, Oblivion. An open world in which freedom takes precedence over everything else. The players, immersed in Cyrodiil, must save the world from the evil Mehrunes Dagon. An adventure acclaimed by the vast majority of players and a remarkable sequel, despite a dominant elder: Morrowind.

Final Fantasy VI (1994)

Final Fantasy is one of the iconic sagas of the world of video games. The series has become a must-see and has seen the birth of many RPGs, which have become classics throughout the works. Final Fantasy VI stood out from its peers for its dark plot and more mature themes. The characters have a rather tragic destiny, and it is not uncommon to shed a small tear between two cinematics.

Fallout 3 (2008)

In Fallout 3, the players are immersed in a post-apocalyptic world where a Sino-American nuclear war has taken care of repainting the face of the globe. We’ll head around Washington to meet your father there. Deformed monsters and hungry bandits will be happy to walk the same dirt roads as you with in mind to devour or rob you. An adventure in the first person where exploration will be your watchword.

Final Fantasy X (2001)

With its devastating cinematics and tender characters, it is not surprising to find Final Fantasy X in this ranking. And for a good reason, he’s considered one, if not the saddest of the show. According to legend, Kleenex’s shares would have climbed in the year of its release. A joke apart, Final Fantasy X also contributed to the birth of the famous sphérier, and its soundtrack is one of the most appreciated by the players.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

Impossible to play video games and do not know The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After the excellent Morrowind and Oblivion, Skyrim comes to Sacre the saga as one of the most popular among fans of the genre. Its snowy plains, dragons, and huscarls managed to register this 5th episode of the saga as a classic. A little Fus Ro Dah for the road?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003)

Classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, or KOTOR for the intimate, plunges players into a galactic adventure where the Sith threat continues to terrorize the entire society. Praised by the press and the players, KOTOR was able to charm with its cleverly crafted gameplay, its dialogues that influence the course of history, its sumptuous decors and its “perfect” dubbing. A success what.

Mass Effect 2 (2010)

After a successful first part and well-established history, Mass Effect 2 comes to fill a well-presented saga. His moral choices and his working script enabled him to set himself up as a reference in the world of RPG. Fans often tend to prefer it to the other two parts of the trilogy. The different possibilities in the relationships between the characters of the saga are not for nothing.

Chrono Trigger (1995)

Chrono Trigger is used to the rankings of “the best video games of all time” and has been able to revolutionize his time. His graphics and gameplay were often cited as innovative compared to other titles of the time. His captivating story and his captivating band-his captivating band-have seduced many players, whether they are in the press or the general public. Even years later, Chrono Trigger manages to remain memorable, unmissable.

Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Work inscribed in the pantheon of a video game, Final Fantasy VII is the RPG not to be missed. Often cited as THE best game of all time, this episode managed to mark an era. Emblematic and charismatic characters, memorable soundtrack, elaborate screenplay, and avant-garde cinematics have carved this title into the marble. Final Fantasy VII has not finished making the dream even less nostalgic; a remastered version is in preparation.