Bet on Esports

Esports betting wasn’t this mainstream in the last decade as it has become now. With more and more wagers being generated , it has seen a whopping rise to 23500 million USA dollars from 315 million dollars in the last decade until today. Globally, the esports betting market comprises of a massive 13 billion dollars. Esports betting has surpassed the traditional sports betting in countries like the UK and USA, who bet on every other sport on a daily basis.

Indeed, the choice of games for popular esports tournaments makes these events even more attractive. These games attract millions of viewers who are also players, and some even prefer to bet on esports. In that respect, betting sites are always ready to make any event more exciting by keeping players happy with regular promotions and even offering free bets. Watching two teams clash can be thrilling, but if you have a bit of cash riding on one, well, that adds a bit of spice to your serving of good old esports spectacle.

Why Bet On Esports?

There are two basic reasons why esports betting is a profitable way to be encashed. Number one, because it is getting popular day by day and with its growing popularity, the game makers are introducing tons of games that you can bet on. The second reason is that it is very easy to win money through this kind of betting rather than from traditional sports as it is easy for the esport scene and can easily win money. The market of betting on esports are simple viz the winner and the loser and the future predictions and the chances are huge that you win money.

Is Esport Betting Safe?

It is absolutely safe and legal unless you make your bets through an illegal source. The betting on esports should always be done through legal sports sites or even better an all legal online casino. When you do it through an authorized source you know your life and money are in safe hands.

Best Online Casinos Legal in USA & UK that Offer Esport Betting

The UK casinos and the USA casinos are the best in the world when it comes to esports betting. Here are some of the best names in the market:

  1. 22 Bet: this casino is exclusively known for its best casino bonus
  2. Betrally: one of the most called out names in the industry of esports betting
  3. Bodog: the most trusted name in the world of sports and esports betting
  4. Betway: known for its customer service and great casinos bonus
  5. BetOnline: A top rated online casino with millions of customers
  6. Bovodo: another top rated site on esports in the USA and the UK.
  7. Bet 365: a renowned casino of USA
  8. 888
  9. Titanbet
  10. Green

Increase Your Bankroll with Casino Bonuses

The online casinos offer a casino bonus in the name of welcome bonus and no deposit bonus for first real money deposit. This allows you to put some of the bets for free and try them. Also for loyal customers casinos offer to reload bonus which gives bonus money or free bets with their next deposit. People should take advantage of these bonuses to increase their bankroll

How to Become a Winner?

Here are some tips for better odds:

  1. Learn to play yourself
  2. Your financial plan should be ready in hand
  3. There should be a budget on how much you should spend on betting
  4. Research on the teams and the player
  5. Choose the best online service provider.