Players Guide – The guide to Playing Lords of Legend

Introduction to Lords of Legend

Lords of Legend is set in a world of fantasy where you will take on the role of a Warlord who is in charge of an army of warriors. You will be competing against thousands of other warlords around the world to gain the position of being the top warlord.


As you play, your army will grow, and you will have the opportunity to buy mercenaries to add to your ranks, build fortifications and military buildings, and even join a clan of other warlords to work together towards your aim.


Each day (real time) new warriors will join your ranks. The number of warriors who will join you will depend on the buildings you have created and therefore the protection you can give them. You will be able to train these warriors to be better fighters, and create armour and weapons to enable them to fight better and be less likely to die in battle.


Lords of Legend is Web-Based game that has minimal graphics to enhance the speed and action of the game. There is therefore less to download for a page. The main page is divided into sections to make it easier for you. Within each section are menus which take you to different pages where you can perform tasks or communicate with others etc.


The different sections are:


Main Menu – Where you can see clan and warlord rankings, log into the chat facility or the legend forum where most game discussion takes place (an important place this!), click through ad links to support the running of the game (and earn up to 5 extra attack points per day)


Account Menu – Here you can adjust your player details, log-out and see your status and that of your recruited friends.


Top 15 Warlords – The list of the top 15 ranked warlords, and the place where we all one day hope to see our names


Warlord Summary – The summary of your own personal warlord status, including Your Level and power, how much gold you have, how many soldiers are in your ranks, and how many attack points you currently have.


Warlord Menu – Here you’ll find all the links to the various actions you can take in the game, such as attacking, training, taking out loans, and seeing what your chosen clan is up to. (More about these later on!)


Affiliate Games – A group of links to games that are affiliated to Lords of Legend.


There are a few more menus along the top of the screen that you will want to know about:

Home – takes you to the home page.

Help/Rules – Read these please they are basic, but important.

Race Details – Here you can see information on each of the races within Lords of Legend (more on this later on).

Contact us – How to get in touch with us if you really need to.

Privacy Policy –What we do with your details.



How do I play Lords of Legend?


What should I do first?

Read through this information, and the Help/Rules section where there is more useful information including a FAQ section. You may also want to take a look at the Legend Forum where current members have posted lots of useful information including whole sections on getting started, and their preferred ways of doing things. Don’t forget that lots of people may have asked the same questions before you about how to do something, so use the facilities that are there (namely the chat rooms, and the forum) and read and ask questions of people who have been playing for a while.


Choose a race

The first step is to choose the race that you’d like to belong to. There are nine to choose from, and each one has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Go to the Race Details link and read about them all before making your decision. I’m not going to go into details about each race here, for that you can go look at the race details. It is worth noting however, that you will find that the game will play differently according to the race you choose. You will therefore need to think about the type of strategy you intend to use before you make your decision. The bonus awarded to each race will make a difference to.


Choose a Username

This is the name you will be known by in the game & in the forum and chat rooms. Try and be original, as you can’t change this name until the game resets (this can be several months). If you’ve read the rules of the game, then you will already know that your username must not be something offensive. People choosing to ignore this rule will find their accounts deleted or adjusted by the powers that be – BEWARE! Lots of people choose a name from a game they are keen on playing, or a book they have read recently, but it’s great to see variety, so be creative.


Having created my character, what should I do now?

Now your character is created you will see you start the game with 25 attack points, and 30,000 gold. The first thing you will probably want to do as a warlord is to build your first level fortification (the first building on your building list). There are three basic ways you can choose to begin playing Lords of Legend, you can choose to wait it out, attack immediately, or wait and then attack.


Wait it out… Every 30 minutes you earn your base gold (approximately 60 gold to start) and 1 attack point. Each day you also gain troops that decide to join you, (they decide this based on the size of your fortifications – so until you start building, you won’t gain many each day). If you wait until you have the 50,000 gold you need for your first building then you don’t have to worry about your opponents because new players are INVISIBLE until they either make their first attack or gain their first building. This takes a few days to achieve. If you’re not going to log on for three days or so, maybe this is a good plan.

Attack Immediately… The most dangerous way is to attack outright, but this game is risk versus reward. If you can get 50,000 gold with your starting attack points, and buy your building fast enough, you are off to a great start. If however, you don’t get to the 50K, then you’re a sitting duck. People will see you with all this money and you are an easy target. They will attack you and take it all away!

Wait and then Attack… So you’re invisible, you leave it for a few hours, or maybe even a whole day. You spend some time reading the forum threads, or chatting in the chat room with people. Then you come back and attack. Every half an hour you wait gives the advantage that you get a bit more starting cash, and another attack point.   If you’re ready to battle but want better Odds, Try this starting strategy. Don’t forget, as I said before, you can go to the Support LOL link and checkout some other sites and gain yourself a few very useful extra attack points.


I’m ready to attack, so how do I do this?

Look in the warlord menu, and you will see a button called ‘Attack’. Clicking on this will show you a long list of other warlords who are within your battle range. The page that will open will show those warlords who are closest to you in power. To begin with at least, you will probably only want to attack people who are right near the bottom of your list, and therefore weaker than you (to do this you may need to scroll down and choose a page lower down the list). You can see and attack any warlords who are Twice as strong as you right down to those half your power. Look through the many pages and try and choose someone who has lots of gold, but isn’t very strong, because in the early days, attacking someone of equal rank is a risky business.


Once you have picked your opponent, click on their name in the list and you will bring up a page of information about them. This usually shows opponent’s friends and clan if they belong to one. You can therefore see not only your opponent, but also possible enemies that may retaliate on their behalf.


Now you need to prepare for battle. If you are lucky and have a warlord seeing stone, then you may choose to use it now. (Once used these are gone forever, but they do allow you to see extra information about your opponent such as what type of troops they have, and if they have armour.


Whether or not you have or choose to use a warlord seeing stone, the next page you will see will bring up some information about your opponents strengths and weaknesses, compare these to your own, what is his power level? How many army units does he have? What fortifications has he built? If you still want to go ahead and attack him, you now need to decide how many attack points you will use. You may choose between 1 and 10 attack points per attack. If you are uncertain how a battle may go because the opponent is of similar strength to yourself, then attacking with a single point will give you more information, and might be worth doing as if you do lose, you will likely lose less. If you are confident however, you may decide to go in and attack with the full force of 10 attack points. Only you can decide this, and there would be little point in playing this game if I told you exactly how to play it. Here is where you start to try things out for yourself and you’ll soon learn your own preferred ways of doing things.


One thing worth remembering is that as a new player, if you haven’t yet reached your first 50,000 gold, then you will get a combat bonus which will help you earn a little extra gold, and might even earn you an extra attack point or two. (Once you have reached 50,000 gold, you will definitely not be getting this bonus, it’s just a way of helping a newbie to improve their chances of getting their first building up and running.).


Another point I’d like to make here, is that when you do finally reach 50,000 gold, get spending quickly! Now that you have started attacking people, you are no longer invisible and appear on other warlord’s potential attack lists. If you leave all that nice loot lying around, some other warlord is likely to spot you as a potential target and before you know it, you’re hard earned gold will be stolen!



What else do I need to know?



As you earn cash, you are going to want to buy buildings (Open the ‘Build’ window in the warlord menu). Different buildings allow you to do different things. Some have to be built before you can create other buildings; others allow you to train different types of soldiers, or to build weaponry or armour. The first couple of buildings you will want to get sorted out will be your first level fortification (this is the first building in the top section of the buildings list), and your barracks (the first building in the second section of the buildings list). After that, the route you take to build things is your choice, but bear in mind how much money each costs, and what you are aiming to build next when you are planning your attacks.



Once you have your first barracks built, you will be able to train your lowest ranking soldiers. (Open the ‘Training’ window in the warlord menu). As you build different types of building, you will have more options within training come available to you. The higher ranked your soldier is, the more points he is worth (see race details for your chosen race). Obviously training cost’s money like everything else, nevertheless it is something you shouldn’t neglect for too long.



Armour & Weapons

Armour and weapons can’t be built at the beginning of the game, so don’t panic if you can’t see a button relating to this. When you have created the right building, a button entitled ‘Armoury’ will appear in the warlord menu. It is here, that you will be able to buy weapons and armour for your different types of soldier.



This is a way you can add to your ranks of soldiers without waiting for more to join you overnight. As you gain building types, different ranks of mercenaries will be made available to you. Mercenaries however are limited to a certain number each game tic (every half hour), so you may go there to find they have all been bought, and that you will have to wait till the next game tic passes before you can buy what you want to.



Loans are a good way to make up a shortfall when you are trying to buy a building. If your warlord level is below 4 then you may borrow up to 5000 gold. Otherwise, the loan cap is warlord level x 1500 gold. (So if you are level 6 then you may borrow up to 9000 gold, if you are level 20 you may borrow 30,000 gold etc.).


Interest is charged daily on loans at 10%, and there is an automatic processing fee of 5%. You automatically make payments out of your income each game tic (every half an hour), and you can make extra payments whenever you like to pay the loan off more quickly.


LOL Mail

Listed under the warlord menu is LOL Mail. This is your mailbox. This is where you can send e-mails to people within the game, and where you will receive any e-mail others want to send to you. Although this flags up an envelope when there is a new message for you, it won’t do so if the message is a reply to one you sent, so it’s worth checking this mailbox periodically just to be certain you’re missing nothing.



What are clans all about?


How do I become part of a clan?

You cannot join a clan until you reach level 5. Once you are level 5 and have a headquarters, you may choose to join or create a clan. Around the point when you reach level 5 and build your first level Headquarters, you are likely to be sent messages via e-mail from clan leaders inviting you to join their clan. Headquarters is the place where you will do anything clan related, including accepting or rejecting joining a particular clan. You can find out information about specific clans that you may be looking to join, by looking under ‘clans’ on the Legend forum, and by looking at the clan itself in the clan rankings.


The clan headquarters

Once you have joined a clan, you will find new information will appear under clan headquarters. You will be able to see where in the clan rankings you fall, who has a market (more about this in a moment), and by clicking through to different places, you will be able to see who your clan is allianced with, and who they are at war with. There is a clan notes section where your clan leader may leave you basic information about what he wants from his clan members, and there is even a clan forum (of which more in a minute). You can also look at the recent attacks made against your clan and by them under ‘clan attack log’. As you upgrade your headquarters to different levels, different things will become available to you, and if you are going to be an active part of your clan then you will want to get these upgrades as soon as possible.


The clan forum

The clan forum isn’t something that is available to you initially when you create or join a small clan, but as you progress and upgrade your headquarters, and as the clan grows to 10 members or more, this feature will become available. It is a very useful feature, as here you can discuss with other clan members your strategy. You can decide together which clans you want to attack hardest, and make suggestions about all sorts of things. A successful clan is one where every member joins in, and the forum will make this easy to achieve. It works in the same way as most forums, except that here, you can see only the general board where information and announcements will be made, and your own clan’s board. This means that each clan can share information safely – without any other clan knowing what they are talking about.



A market is one of the buildings you can create once you have built a headquarters. Building your own market will give you an added income, and upgrading your market will upgrade your income. Markets are also important to clans as well. For every member of your clan who has a market you, and everyone else in the clan, will gain a little extra income. As we all know income is important, so here is a way each clan member can help the whole clan.


Clan Attack

Clan attack is a feature you won’t see when you first start playing Lords of Legend. However, when you join a clan, and have reached a particular level of Headquarters, you will find this new button ‘Clan Attack’ will appear in the warlord menu under the ‘Attack’ button. Clan attack is where the leader of your clan can list some of the clans that you are at war with, and make it easier for you to help with clan attacks. It works in the same way as the regular ‘Attack’ system, so you will see warlords listed here in power order, and again you will only see those whom you are able to attack. It’s a very useful tool this one, and yet another reason to upgrade your Headquarters so you can use it.


The Legend Forum


What is the Legend Forum and why is it important?

This is an important place in the Lords of Legend realms; this is the place where everyone can join in. There are sections where you can talk game talk – look for a clan to join, ask questions of more learned warlords, introduce yourself to everyone, talk about quests and even a tavern where you can role-play as your character. There are sections about real life, where people talk of books they’ve read and films they’ve seen, what’s going on in the world, and even ask advice from other players. There are sections where you can help with game administration. Where you can tell someone about a bug you’ve found in the system, or an error you’ve spotted. Where you can talk about features you’d like to see added, and where you can even offer your help with something.


The legend forum is there to help you as a warlord, and to help the administrators of the game site as well. You don’t have to post lots there, but it is a place you need to know about and to visit sometimes, even if just so you can check that there are no new announcements that you should know about.




What is questing, and how does it fit in with the rest of the game?

At the moment Quests are a fairly new feature to the game and because of this they don’t link in fully to the rest of the game yet. The basic idea is that one of the buildings you can create is a Tavern. Once you have built your tavern, you can then hire a hero and take part in quests. When this part of Lords of Legend is fully operational there will be more quests, and the gold and other items you gain there will help you in the rest of the game. At the moment however, this section is a new development, and therefore it is still in demo mode, and the quests available to you are still fairly basic. It’s still a fun area to join in with, and the more people join in and give feedback the better it will be when it is fully developed.