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What is Lords of legend?

Lords of Legend is a FREE Fantasy RPG turn based war game. It also is a multiplayer online game where you compete against thousands of other players. You can join a Clan and clan mates can teach you stratgies and you can work together to win the game.

To participate in the game you need to register an account which is FREE. When registering an account you will need to choose a race to start with. You will not be able to change races until the next game reset , so make your decision wisely. Different races have different advantages and disadvantages.

In Lords of Legend, you need to build an army and develop your settlement for improved soldiers and weapons.

Every 30 minutes a game turn takes place where you earn money and an attack point. The amount of money you generate is based on the population you have influence over. Your influence comes from the size of your army and the type of units you have.

Every day you earn more units that you can train. You can also buy mercenaries.

You can build and upgrade certain buildings according to your race. You can build a treasury, market, fortifications, and several other military buidling. This will enable you to make more powerful units and to purchase improved weapons giving your army attack and defense bonuses.

Attacking an enemy uses attacking points also know as AP which you earn 1 every game turn. The number of attack turns you use determines how much money you will plunder if you win. There are a couple ways to get some extra AP Attack Points, can you find them?

What are the Rules?No cheating!
Cheating is cheating if there is a specific rule on the method in question or not. Some forms of cheating can be easily listed while others would only be considered cheating by a few. Any form of advancing ones account outside the context of playing the game on how it was intended can be called cheating. Having more then one account is a form of cheating!
No use of Offensive Language ANYWHERE on the site!
This includes such areas (but not limited) to like your username, taunts while attacking, posts in the forum, and using the LoL Chat.Clan IP limited!
You can not have 5 or more members from the same IP address in the same clan !! If you do then those with the same IP will not get game tic updates. So if you are sharing a computer or at a place that uses one IP address for Internet access, then you can not join clans with those people.
FAQ – Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I get more gold?
You get more gold each game turn(every 30 min). The amount you get is based on the number of units under your command as well as your Market Type. You also gain gold from attacking other Warlords.
How do I get more attack points?
Currently the game is set to give each player one attack point every 30 minutes. If you can not play for a day or so you do not lose them. However there is a cap at 999.
How do I get more Power?
The type and the number of units a Warlord has is the majority of their Power. The level of your Warlord, weapons, fortification , etc. also affect your power, so the more a Warlord has the more powerful they are.
How do I create/join a clan?
First you will need to build a headquarters from the “build” menu. However you have to be at least a level 5 Warlord before the option to build is available. Once you build the headquarters then there is a new menu option with that name. Once built, then you can go to a clan detail page by clicking on the clan name or symbol and request to join. The leader of the clan will then review the request and decide to have you join or not.

If you decide to create your own clan, then you will also do this under the headquarters menu item. Once you have defined the clan then you can start asking players to join that are not in a clan and have a headquarters built. The profile page is found by clicking on another Warlord’s name will have an option to offer them to join. The player then can review offers from clans and decide to join one or not.
If you reach a Warlord level of 40 and are not in a clan, then you have to create your own clan. You have until the next day (night tic) or your account is RESET! You can NOT join another clan!

How do I get Market Income?
This is income generated from having a Market where you can trade goods. You have to have a Headquarters built before you can build a Market. Plus you can trade with other clan members if they have Markets as well for additional income. The main Clan page will show which members have Markets. You get more income for each clan member that has a Market built. You can upgrade the market to increase the base income as well as the extra income from clan members that have Markets.
When will the Game reset?
There is an established Goal or ‘End of Game’ condition. Once a clan reaches a combined power of 5,000,000 the game is over. The game will pause for a day or so and show when it will start again. This will reset your warlord to restart and try again.
How do I get weapons?
You can purchase weapons after you build/upgrade the required building for your race. For the Human race it is a blacksmith. Weapons improve attacking, damage, and/or defense.
I forgot my password or username, now what do I do?
On a failed login with your username, you will be given an option to send your account information to the email address you registered with.
How much does this cost to play?
There is no cost to play. It is free. Donations are accepted however !
How do I change to a different race?
Once the game resets you will have a chance to pick a new race.
Why do I keep losing battles when I attack?
The success of the attack is based on your power, weapons, your level, etc. Try attacking someone weaker than you.
How do I keep a much stronger Warlord from attacking me? Why can’t I attack player ___?
A Warlord can only attack someone if the target has a power size of at least half. A Warlord also can attack a stronger target that is up to two times their own power.
How come I don’t kill any enemy soldiers?
The amount of damage you are inflicting is not enough to kill. Once your army is bigger you will cause the target Warlord to lose soldiers but you will also have some casualties.
How do I know beforehand how much money I will get from someone if I win?
The amount of money you plunder is based on the number of attack turns you use in the battle, and on the wealth of your target.